Internet Security Message

Dear Customer,

While Barclays Bank strives to provide you with a secure banking environment, you play an important role in protecting your personal information and passwords. We ask that you exercise caution at all times when using online services or accessing your emails.

Please note that impostors and hackers may try to obtain your account information by sending you emails that appear to come from Barclays Bank.

Please remember that Barclays Bank does not ask customers to provide sensitive information in this way: Barclays Bank staff will never email links to you or call you asking for your password.

Accordingly please do not reply to any email with requests for personal finance information or details such as account number, user names, passwords, national identity number/passport.

Important things for you to remember:
For your security it is important that you:

• Memorise your password and don’t write it down;
• Keep your password secret and change it often;
• Never respond to mails that request personal information;
• Avoid using cyber cafes to access your online accounts;
• Do not use the same password for all your online accounts;
• Make sure that you never carry your User Id and passwords together.

In the event that you receive emails claiming that they are from Barclays please inform us and delete immediately.

If you suspect any unauthorized transactions on your account, please contact our Call Centre numbers (From within Pakistan 111 CALL US* (111-225-587)), From out side Pakistan +9221 (111-225-587)* as soon as possible to enable us to protect your account.

* Calls may be recorded for security reasons and so that we may monitor the quality of our service. View privacy policy

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